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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Once again I get a chance

To wake up and take in the beauty of life

I smile to see the sleeping faces

Of my dear hubby and my baby

With a cup of hot tea in my hand

I make my usual morning visit to all my favorite blogs

And that includes yours too dear Christina

The colorful beads in my jewelry box

And a good story that I get to read

Children’s laughter, the art work of my little son

And the little ‘butterfly kisses’ from him

Watching Tom and Jerry with him

And singing ‘The wheels on the bus’

The smell of coffee and my husband winking at me

The mails of my dear friends and the voice of my parents

The invaluable comments I receive for my creations

The sight and smell of flowers at the florist

And of course even the vast stretch of snow that lies

Outside my window [it’s a rare sight for my eyes

For I don’t know how many more winters I can witness

As I’m only a guest in this beautiful country]

Yes, these are some of the simple things

That makes me happy for now.


  1. just simply waking up is such a blessing. great list here.

    one love.

  2. your simple things made me smile. I love your baby's art; so similar to my baby's...

  3. singing 'the wheels on the bus' !!! wow, i miss that. thank you for reminding me.
    I love your list.

  4. Dear Ariel, I am visiting you in the wake of Christina's love. Your list, indeed, highlights the best of life, but I have to agree that a wink from your husband is something that can truly get your heart a-flutter!

  5. I loved your list and I loved finding another blogger in's funny how we are all hot tea drinkers....gee, it must be due to the cold weather....right ?

  6. Lovely list...and I love how you started it, that you are gifted to wake up each day...I feel that way too!

  7. How beautiful! You lead such a blessed life.
    I must visit this Christina too.

  8. i know... visiting the florist is magical.
    a beautiful list here.
    : )

  9. So much sweetness and delight...Thank you for sharing your blessings. :o) ((HUGS)) Oh, and love the new pretty look here!

  10. so sweetly stated -- so serene you are at the place you call life and home

  11. Yes. Don't we all have so very much to be thankful for?

  12. Oh, loved this!
    Very special and it made me smile!
    I was singing "the wheels on the bus" just yesterday to 2 sweet little ones I am nanny to.
    It was such a time of joy as I used to always sing it to my children.


  13. i love little butterfly kisses as well, thanks for sharing your simple things with us.

  14. Dear Susan,

    No wonder, how this blog of yours became so popular!! These are not simple things, but most important things. Life is not a life if these simple things do not exist!!!

    You have very well expressed the moments and I appreciate the mention of hot tea, mornings, blogs, mails, comments, winter etc. etc.

    Great to read this.

    In simple terms, SIMPLE, BUT MEANINGFUL!

    All the best,

  15. Treasure your son’s creativity. When you turn old it will be priceless. Then this will make you smile.
    Life has gone really fast. It looks like yesterday, waiting for the bus at plamoodu Junctn, our dance practice at Archana’s place, fashion show, canteen, sharing a bottle of cola with a bunch of friends,college election, our fights….hmmm….feeling nostalgic.
    Now we all have become responsible mothers. One day we will be grand mother.ha..ha…


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