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Friday, January 29, 2010


In this fast moving world
Where no one catches time
To see the world outside
A beautiful lady, a dear mother
With an enlightened soul
Came up with a marvelous plan
To help the people of Haiti.
She shared her plan with
Many of her friends,
Many similar souls;
Together they created
A stir in blogland
Using the amazing tool of words,
With the simple things in life.
And the result was stunning
Now I cannot express them
With words
You’ve to see it yourself at
Thank you Christina
For giving us a chance
With this simple project
To create a positive change
In this beautiful world.


  1. Very beautifully said. I feel the same.

  2. a beautiful poem -- i'm heading over to the blogspot.

    have a wonderful weekend Ariel

  3. Dear Susan (and Christina),

    Small poem - thoughtful and thought provoking. Glad that you took this "taken for granted" subject!!

    I have visited Christina's blogsite - Soul Aperture and I take this opportunity to appreciate her for the initiatives she has been taking for a noble cause.

    May God bless you and Christina, for this little but giant leap!

    Best Regards,
    Renjith P Sarada

  4. Christina must be very special.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Lovely sentiments!


  5. Oh, so lovely...and The Simple Things was so much fun last week! I hope Christina will host another event soon--she is an inspiration! Happy Weekend, Susan. :o)

  6. this is so beautiful.
    you have brought tears to my eyes.
    i am so grateful to have come together
    with such a wonderful group, for the
    simple things.
    thank you...
    thank you, my friend.
    i send you blessings and love.

  7. You write so beautifully and this is exactly how we felt participating in Christina's love of simple things. xo


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