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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary .
For You…

The last six years just flitted by
Though time whizzed across our lives
Now and then we had to pause and slow down
At times to savor the sweet nectar of love
And some other times to stand there dazed,
Helpless at the unforeseen storms of life.
Yet with the cord of trust and love
Let us sail through the stormy seas
And climb the rough terrains
For together we can get past any boulders
And hope to reach the golden years of our life.


  1. This is beautiful! You have said it perfectly.

    We also celebrated our anniversary this week--25! I guess we're sailing into the silver years!

  2. happy anniversary! wonderful poem for the one you love...wishes for many more!

  3. happy anniversery!! a lovely poem for your special someone. i hope you reach the "golden years of your life" together.

    warm smiles,

  4. Dear Susan & Balu,

    Once again, please accept our warm Anniversary wishes.

    Why limiting to Golden? May you both walk, run, sail, climb and jump to attain Platinmum Jubilee and more!!

    May God bless!
    Renjith, Bindu, Govind & Gayathri

  5. Happy Anniversary!! May the love keep growing and blooming... :o)

  6. Sweet love poem. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. wow..sus its really nice..i loved it

  8. Hi

    Very Nice! Words seemed truly from ur heart... Happy anniversary! Wish you the best joys of life.


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