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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine With My Son

Yesterday my three year old enjoyed giving his share of valentine cards and candies to his friends at school.The two big cards with the hearts in the middle were for his two beloved teachers. What makes them so special is that the hearts were painted by my little one.We’d lot of fun painting and gluing the 3D animals on the small cards.

This was the mail box in which he received his friends’ cards, candies and even a few car tattoos.

I enjoyed making all these and the best part was that I could involve my son too [to some extent] in making them.


  1. The valentine cards are so pretty!
    It must have been so much fun making them with your son!
    Thank you for sharing them here.
    I really enjoyed seeing them!

    I wish you a wonderful valentine's day.
    I shall visit you when I return from my San Francisco trip.


  2. You guys made such pretty Valentine's cards! How special to give homemade ones! and what a treat to teach your son the fun of crafting! :-) Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  3. great job on the cards! fun to be able to be a part of it as well. get that opportunity with my boys...

  4. Such beautiful, vibrant Valentine cards and treats, Susan...what fun for you, and your son! Wishing all much LOVE, SWEETNESS & JOY this happy weekend :o) ((HUGS))

  5. Dear Ashish & Susan,

    Great! Glad to know that you enjoyed Valentine's day!

    Best Wishes,

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, Susan! I hope it is wonderful! What a terrific mother your son has!

  7. Wow! Very sweet indeed. Loved the multicolured hearts one. We used to make the kids make them too when I used to teach at a pre-school.

    Happy V-day though belated. :)


  8. Very pretty cards.Ashish is blessed with a talented mother.


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