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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The last post in my blog was a tragic and sad one. I know most of you felt bad reading that. I’m sorry about it but you know life is a mixture of both the good and the ugly and at times I try to remind myself that I’m so fortunate with what God has given me. Such thoughts that evolve as words/poems are also a prayer from my heart for people who are going through a difficult phase in their life. I truly hope that things always change for the better in everyone’s life.

Dear Jessie, it was a movie but I’ve heard some real tragic incidents similar to this story. Sometimes fact is worse than fiction.

After watching that movie my thoughts were revolving around it. I tried to channelize my mind to something positive but couldn’t. Isn’t it like that for most of us?

I think this year has not started too well. Mother Nature is in all her fury. I pray for the people in Chile. I wanted to write something but Chile is in my mind and I don’t want to continue with another tragic poem today.

Last month my son turned three and I wrote the following lines for him. I’m posting it on this last day of Feb. Hope Feb turned out to be a wonderful month to all my friends out there? Now let’s march towards the month of March.

On Our Son’s Third Birthday

Three is the age of fun and frolic.
With a twinkle in the eye they look around for mischief
Always hungry to explore some more
Their minds race to acquire new things

It’s the age when they start school
When they go out into their little new world
A chance to meet people other than their own
When they imbibe the lessons of togetherness and sharing.

This is the age when the little geniuses take in a dozen things
Colors and shapes become a part of their life
Where they laugh at the antics of their favorite cartoon characters
And the people in their storybooks come alive before them.

It’s the age about which we, their parents cannot stop talking
Their world is restricted, yet how contented they are in their own little space!
My love, rejoice and make the most of this time
You mean the world to us; you are the center around which we happily revolve.


  1. I love this about your baby! Three already...the time goes so fast.

    I think you are brave to write about sad things. I have a real hard time with that--my fiction writing has a real problem because I completely avoid conflict! That can be pretty boring. :)

  2. three realy is a fun age...and yes life is like that...its not all wine and roses and sometimes reality, though sobering, can be just what we need.

  3. I loved age 3 -- my own and my's truly a magical age.

    Life as you said is often tragic and fact is many times worse than fiction. There is sadness in the world and in our own lives and we can't hide from that...and our hearts go out to those in Chile as they did to those in Haiti.

  4. Three is such a magical time in a child's life and in the parents of the child as well.

    Lovely writing!

    Margie :)

  5. Dear Susan,

    Why we grow!! The child will undergo a transformation once he/she enters the school....

    Tension, pressure, targets, mark sheets, progress cards, punishments... Oh! my God!

    Best Regards,

  6. 3 is such a sweet age... The Chilean tragedy is much in my mind and prayers today too... ((HUGS))

  7. Dear Susan,
    thank you for the note on your blog. :-)

    three really is a magical time for kids, there's so much out there for them and they are so hungry to reach out and nibble on it all!!! i hope this year brings for your son a full belly and mind.

    the Chilean tragedy was heartbreaking. my thoughts and prayers go out to them, while i still continue sending them out to Haiti.

    warm thoughts and smiles,

  8. 3 is a beautiful and magical age. a world of discovery is ahead. i wish your son love and blessings.
    : )

  9. Aerial,

    i'm glad you enjoyed my snowy post. the picture of the cat was a good one.

    i hope your week is going well,

    warm smiles,


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