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Thursday, March 4, 2010


My Homeland
Before me lay a great stretch of rice and paddy fields
Which dance to the rhythm of the wind
In the distance white cranes rest on the backs of buffaloes.
The morning mist lazily rests upon the green grass
The fields are surrounded by plantains and tall coconut trees
Even the placid river is a shade of green
All around me the cool air seems to breathe in
The freshness of the foliage
This is my homeland
Where green rules eternally,
A gift of Nature to its inhabitants
But they mercilessly scar its beauty
With ugly concrete structures.




  1. Wow. That is very well done. Such a vivid description and the photo is beautiful. (What a contrast from the photo on the right of your home in Wisconsin right now... :) )

  2. beautiful... the poem inspires me of my life in India... its just a faraway dream now...

  3. wonderful...i was all peaceful loving green until i got to her concrete scars...what a shame...

  4. This really takes us there, Susan... It is amazing how humans delight in nature in one breathe, and yet tear it apart in the next... So sad... The accompanying photo is beautiful! Happy Weekend, Susan! P.S. Very glad you tried the chocolate muffins and that they were a treat for you! :o)

  5. i really enjoyed your vivid descriptions and the picture. concrete has no place in the world of nature.

    warm smiles,

  6. Missing home? Am sure, you do :)
    Loved it.. I bet you have many more to write.! Alas, i wish if the last lines were just a joke! Go on!


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