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Monday, February 8, 2010


Who doesn’t like to read a beautifully handwritten letter? It seems to leave a lasting impression on you. Though I’ve written only very few letters, and have received even less by post, I love the rustle of paper, the smell of glue and the time and thought that go behind each message. As years go by the beauty and value of these letters only add up.

Even the birthday and Christmas cards that are sent through the post leave a lasting memory of our loved ones in our minds. I’ve a collection of such cards and sometimes when I go through them the nostalgia that they create is beyond words.

In my childhood, I remember the 1.00 p.m. ringing of the bicycle bell that announced the arrival of the postman. It was my late grandfather who used to wait eagerly for his arrival. A philatelist, my grandfather received stamps regularly from many parts of the world. There were days when he used to get a bundle of mails. He would then open them carefully with his penknife.

A perfectionist, my grandfather took utmost care even while he opened the envelopes. He would read the mails and then he would carefully fold and file them. As far as I can remember, this was his daily routine, just before his afternoon nap.

He used to write letters too. I still remember the astonishment I felt at the time and care he took to write them. He always made it a point to give a prompt reply, in his beautiful handwriting, to the letters he received.

But today, due to the increasing use of computers, we rely on the machine to send our messages. Of course, it’s more practical and less time consuming. But at the same time, I feel such messages lack something of value, a personal touch. Now even I cannot think of a life without computers and e-mails. But don’t you think maybe a couple of letters every year from your loved ones can make a big difference, can bring a huge smile on your face?



  1. I so love getting a letter in the mail!
    I do still write letters as I am not a fan of email.
    Writing letters is a lost art!
    I have some old letters that my mom wrote to me while I was in college and they are a lovely treasure!
    I take them out often and touch the paper that she touched while writing the letters and I am in a state of bliss!

    Loved this post!
    Thank you!


  2. Beautifully said...and oh so true. We really are missing something. I love your memories of your grandfather. I too love getting letters in the mail. But it sure doesn't happen much anymore.

  3. Dear Susan,

    This post of yours struck the right chord somewhere in my mind! Discovered some similarity between the loving grandfather and myself somewhere!

    I have been very particular with letters and I even walked till the next junction in search of the postman if ever he was late! Have been also very systematic in replying to all the mails I received and expected proper response too.

    Made different trays for letters from different destinations and I numbered them as well. I did not destroy the letters till I left home for my job in 1993.

    Nice and thanks for taking me to those days!
    Glad that you are prompt in your posts too.

    Best Regards,

  4. Oh, this is a lovely post, Susan! And I couldn't agree more about the beauty and joy of writing letters--for the recipient as well as the writer.I do send a good many cards--for birthdays, holidays, thank-you notes, just because notes... But this year I have been trying to make a better effort to write a real letter in between those cards/notes. Most everyone I know, love and care about is online. Until about that past two years now when my grandmothers both passes away, I still wrote them letters a few times a year. After they passed, I noticed I relied more and more on email to keep in touch with those dear to me. A letter-writing rival, that's what the world needs! :o) Happy Day!

  5. a warming thought indeed! thank you for reminding me of misplaced sounds, textures, and emotions.


  6. Old letters make wonderful keepsakes.


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