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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Red is the color of ruby, which reminds me the story of Kannagi, who epitomizes chastity. She is the central character of the Tamil epic, Silapathikaram.

Rage transformed her persona to a glowing ember
Ethereal she seemed; Soon Madurai burned
Doomed was the city with only charred remnants after the fire.

The Synopsis

Silapathikaram, one of the greatest epics of Tamil Nadu was composed by Elangovadigal.

The legend says that Kannagi, wife of Kovalan, cursed the king of Madurai [a city in Tamil Nadu, India] for putting her husband to death under the impression that Kovalan had stolen the anklet of the Queen. The Queen’s anklet, though similar to Kannagi’s, was inlaid with pearls whereas Kannagi’s had rubies in them. Without realizing this, the King ordered Kovalan to be beheaded. Embittered by the death of her husband, Kannagi rushes to the court and breaks her anklet to show the rubies inlaid on them. The king and queen die of shame, and the city of Madurai is reduced to ashes under the curse of Kannagi.

Theme Thursday- Red


  1. What a sad story. But the red is beautiful.

  2. What a pity people don't seem to 'die of shame' these days!

  3. Hi,

    Loved the post... loved reading about our own Kannagi... But strangely, I always, in the eye of my mind relate her to black! thanks for the comment on my blog. Sorry for the late reply...

    about the song...
    Album: sparks
    Singers: Ganesh, Kumaresh and Taufiq qureshi

    I have the whole album on my blog...

  4. what an interesting tale...dont know that i have ever heard it.

  5. Ariel i love mythology. i will be back to visit again. Beautiful post!

  6. How interesting. Can you imagine anyone in authority dying of shame these days?

  7. a truly interesting story. a great job on the breakdown of RED -- very clever indeed!

    warm smiles,

  8. Interesting story of Kannagi...thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. I've never heard this one! Sad.

  10. Hi Ariel
    Oh, this is very sad!
    Never heard this before so I appreciate your sharing it!

    Have a wonderful and peaceful day!


  11. What a wonderful story, tragic but powerful. I'm always rooting for the woman. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Yes, that was my drawing. I've enjoyed getting back into drawing and writing, and I think this Cat Tales post shows that. Come see me again some time.

  12. I love ancient stories, mythology, and how we can learn from those stories. The red beads are beautiful! Is that a mala? Happy Weekend to you & yours, Susan :o)

  13. Great take on Red. Love the Indian stories too. So colourful, so tragic. I know a few people who should at least be feeling a little sick with shame!

  14. Dear Susan,

    Apologies for the delayed landing !

    In a few words, you have narrated the story and the message pretty well. This must have tempted, am sure, most of the readers to search "Kannagi" in google or read more about Kannagi!!

    A lesson learnt - messages and stories can be told in few words too !!

    In summary, a different genre!

    Thanks to highlighting Indian culture and our people to all across the web!!

    Best Regards,

  15. Kannagi is one of my favourite stories too.

    Red is beautiful. Coincidentally manjadikurus (my today's post) are also red :)



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