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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hurray! I can see the grass again
For the snow has retreated
Unseen for the past many months,
Oh! What a welcoming sight is the long hidden grass.
Rains will make them green again,
All fresh and full of life.
Remember the sweet twittering of birds?
For I hear their song again.
Amid the trees I hear the stir of life,
The sound of merry laughter
Yes, outside I see the little children
Laughing and skipping about on the wet land.

ABCWednesday-H for Hurray


  1. ahhh, the arrival of spring. yes, we have enjoyed several days of it now. but alas, colder temps and rain (which we don't need) are coming in this weekend and next week. goodby 60's ... hello 40's...

    i'm the pebble and the leaf -- i'm a Gemini, so in there, lies the reasoning!!! lol

    i hope you have a wonderful weekend Susan and enjoy the onset of spring!

    loved your post,

  2. Wonderfully poetic! I can feel the coming of spring in your words. Thanks!

  3. nice...took me a minute on the letters in bold...we just noticed today the grren of our grass coming back...

    ps...i had my speakers all the way up and about jumped out of my skin when the music kicked

  4. Sunshine is back.. so is your smile! Celebrate, friend :)

  5. Dear Susan,

    From snow to spring... its awesome if you compare the pictures taken of the same location, in winter and spring!!

    BTW, seems you are becoming too busy to ignore my emails??

    Best Regards,

  6. Very nice and I enjoy the music!
    Thank you!

    Margie :)

  7. Ah, the many joys of spring! Happy Weekend, Susan :o)


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