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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Great Book
There is a single great book, a thick and large one
That has changed my life’s course many a time.
My reading is incomplete, as the book is still unfinished.
Each day I go through a page with awe and wonder
And seek to comprehend the meaning of each line.
Sometimes I ruffle the pages and glance through them
Then the sounds, smell and sights of the past chapters
Pass swiftly through my mind and heart.

Innumerable plots and sub-plots make up its story
Many patrons and a few opponents make up the characters
Conflicts and crises, to the self and to others, make up the mood
But the protagonist and others, and even the plot,
Are not fully disclosed for the book is still being written.
I’m not so keen to see the book finished any time now
But that is in the hands of the Great Writer to decide
For ‘The Book of Life’ is His marvelous Creation.

You and I, my dear friend, are all part of this Big Book
All interwoven skillfully into its well-planned structure.


SundayScribblings- 'The book that changed everything.'


  1. and what a privledge to be a part of the Book...

  2. ...and I'm a sub-plot too. That's a neat way to look at it. What language is the song? I really like the sound of it.

  3. What a great piece, I love your use of the theme.

  4. I'm writing that one now. nicely done.

  5. Dear Susan,

    Honestly, this post went above my head. You are becoming too philosophical !!!!!!

    All the Best!

  6. Susan,

    beautifully stated!

    warm smiles,

  7. A book that changes lives...that is worth adding to one's reading list! Happy Day, Susan :o)

  8. Beautiful post, Susan! I love the way you have described our travel through life. You have such a way with words. :)

  9. Lovely writing!
    Thank you, Susan.

    Margie :)


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