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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today is World Poetry Day and I dedicate this poem for all the poetry out there.


A poem can be a little thing
A two lined couplet or a three lined haiku,
A sestet and octet combine to make a sonnet
A poem is a story, a sight, a song,
That is born within you.
It’s like an enchantress,
Who spreads her magic through words
Sometimes the lines dance around
To the tap of your feet;
Symbols and images adorn the “real” world.
Happiness makes them dance to the wind
And the rains hide the outburst of tears.
Poems, be they epic or elegy,
Ode or ghazal, in rhyme or in blank verse,
What joy it brings to sing and hear them sung.

"A song is but a little thing,
And yet what joy it is to sing!"


  1. Oh, so enjoyed this poem!
    It's wonderful!

    And happy World Poetry Day to you Susan.

    Margie :)

  2. you know i just started writing them about 6 months ago...and cant get enough of it...great verse...

  3. Wonderful--you have written a beautiful verse. I so enjoyed it!

  4. Dear Susan, the poet,

    Good one! I hated poetry like hell, during my school days, because we were asked to learn some stipulated lines, by heart.

    Now, looking back - I remember the beating I got for forgetting some stanzas !!

    Wishing all poets a wonderful, belated Poetry day.

    May all your creativity come out!

    Best Regards,

  5. Sooo lovely, Susan! I have always loved poetry--reading it and writing it. :o)

  6. so very well said!

    check out the following website, they offer a poem a day during poetry month (which for them begins April 1, i believe)


  7. Lovely poem Susan :) Very delightful read xxxx

  8. Excellent concept to liken a poem to a song, which in fact it is. I write lyrics as well as poetry and the creative process is essentially the same, save for the fact that free verse poetry affords a bit more latitude regarding meter -- well conceived and written...
    Image & Verse

  9. I agree, and creative take on the idea of 'song'. Thank you!

  10. Dear Susan,

    Thank You for stopping by mine so that i could find your beautiful verses here. And a pleasant surprise awaited me in the form of familiar to me :)


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