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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It’s very true that everybody is born with some special talent or the other.Even the most mediocre seeming person is likely to have some special ability of which the rest of the world (and perhaps he himself) is unaware. But today I want to write about my late grandfather who had, not one, but a number of talents.

Let me list here some of the talents that he had:

• He led an orderly and disciplined life to the end, and was always punctual in all his activities. I consider these to be talents because very few people lead a life of continuing discipline, and I know a lot of people who are never punctual.

• My grandfather was an artist. He could draw beautiful pictures and excellent cartoons. He was a calligraphist and had beautiful handwriting.

A graduate in Biology, he produced, while still in college, a series of drawings of animals and plants for a college textbook published by his professor.

He was an avid philatelist to the end, and over a period of more than fifty years he built up a large collection of stamps from all over the world. For him a stamp album was a work of art, with the stamps being mounted on each page with the utmost care. The pages of his Indian stamps collection have beautifully written descriptions of each stamp.

He maintained, till the day of his death (as his father had done before him) a diary of daily events in his life. It is a valuable family record.
• For over 30 years after his retirement, he carefully cut our important news items and interesting articles and pictures from his newspapers and magazines and filed them neatly. His collection grew to over 30 such files, which form a detailed and unique record of the local, national and international events of those years.

• My grandfather was an enthusiastic photographer, especially in his youth, and his collection of family photos mounted in over 30 albums cover a period from about 1940 to 2006 (another valuable family record).

Till the day of his death (he passed away quite suddenly one evening) he kept himself busy with all these activities.

On the 20th of March it is his third death anniversary. He led a fruitful and happy life for 89 years. I’m happy about that, but of course I do miss him occasionally for he was a grandfather of whom I am proud and also, he was one of the greatest motivating forces behind my initial hesitant artistic ventures.

CarryOnTuesday- "Everyone is born with some special talent."


  1. Wonderful tribute to a truly talented man.

  2. what a wonderful tribute to one who was obviously a great man...nice post.

  3. Your grandfather was truly a remarkable man!
    Lovely tribute, Susan.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Margie :)

  4. Dear Susan,

    I am proud of you, sister!!

    Personally, I too value these kind of relationships and memoirs, that are rare in the present world. May God bless!

    What I admired the most was how your Dad treated him till the grandfather's last day on this beautiful earth. He cared him, loved him and thankfully acknowledged what was taught to him from childhood. My salutes!

    I remembered this loving grandfather last week, when someone here, in Bahrain, told about an expat's collection of Bahrain post cards for the last 40+ years - those showed the transformation of Bahrain from old to new and more! Yes, I too told them back about the religious and systematic collection of stamps by this grand father.

    May his soul rest in peace and motivate you and all in your family and all who knew him.

    With respects and tributes,
    Renjith Chettan

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. It is itself a treasure. Thanks for sharing his drawings and makes him feel like I know him just a little bit!

  6. he sounds like a beautiful man from the inside out, and your tribute to him is very touching. i have no doubt it would have brought tears to his eyes, as it did to mine.

    warm hugs & smiles to you dear Susan,

  7. Thank you Stan.

    Thank you Brian.

    Thank you Margie for your kind words.

    Thank you Chetta, for the beautiful things you've written here.

    Thank you Jolyn for going through them.

    Thank you Jessie. Yes, he would have been very happy to see this.

  8. your grandfather was remarkable. and i can tell, he filled your heart, with the upmost love.

  9. What an amazing man was your grandfather, to be blessed with so many talents so share. I think is very glad about this beautiful place you're created in your blog! Thank you for sharing. Happy Weekend ((HUGS)) Oh, and I'm glad the recipes you tried were such a success! :o)

  10. A great tribute to an unusual man. I enjoyed reading about your grandfather, and I wish I knew more people with the talents and self-discipline of this man. It seems I only read about them in books.

    Once again. I love this song. I don't understand it, but it breathes hope into my weary, worried mind.

  11. Hello Susan, Your grandpa really is a very talented and wonderful person! I really wish I could emulate his qualities, especially his punctuality and discipline! And congrats on your blog, and very nice to see you out there in the blog-world! Balu told me about your blog yesterday, and I was skimming through it! Believe me, very nice work!



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