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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dearest Dad, Thank you for giving me this day.
Wishing You a Happy Father's Day

The Birth of Fatherhood
I heard his voice a zillion times
From within my comfortable chamber.
I knew his presence even then
When I was lying in my mother’s womb.
He fathered a bond of love and security with me
Much before I saw the light of this world.
Finally when I was ready to be born
My mother moaned in pain,
And he bore her suffering in silence.
When he held me in his arms
I felt a sense of peace and love,
A sense of belonging pervaded me,
A kinship that was given birth then, to last a lifetime.
Love Always

Sunday Scribblings-Birth

The above card was made with tons of love and heaps of kisses by my son and me to his dear father.


  1. what a cool card you both made...smiles. hope he has a great fathers day....lovely poem as well. makes me feel all warm to be a dad.

  2. aahhh...i loved the card and the picture at the end gave me goose bumps. your words are filled with love and warmth.

  3. Dear Susan,

    A very good gesture. A very moving one too. These are definitely, some rare and precious moments in one's life. May God bless.



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