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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Little Owl

                                    Photo by S.Das 

Have you seen a baby owl close by? Let me tell you, when I saw one, it was one of those moments, a beautiful sight and a beautiful feeling, as though you were holding a new born baby.

It was during my college days, one day after lunch I and my friends were wandering through the campus. We used to love to take walks, talking and laughing and teasing each other; we had so much fun in the twenty minutes before the bell rang. Suddenly there was a lot of noise from the corner of a vacant lot, near the coconut palms. A flock of crows was noisily cawing and attacking something. We rushed forward and peered to get a clearer view. Fortunately the crows left their prey and flew off. It was a baby owl that probably fell off from a tree. Its wings were not fully grown and it was hopping about on the ground.

The crows were watching from a distance, waiting for us to leave, so that they could again attack the poor little thing. Then one of my friends did a very brave thing. She went near the owlet and carefully picked it while we kept watch on the crows. She came back with the bird and that was when I got a chance to look at it closely. Its face resembles a new born baby’s, all calm and serene. I gently touched its body and it was so soft that it felt like it would melt at my touch. We just couldn’t take our eyes off from the beautiful little creature of nature.

There was a man who helped with all the outside work at the campus and he came up on hearing all the commotion. We handed him the  owlet and he promised to take good care of it. He kept it in a dark, vacant classroom for the day and in the night probably took it back near the tree where we found it. Anyway next morning there was no sign of it. We hoped that it got safely back home and lived happily ever after with its family.


  1. owls are so cool. we had one in a tree out back last year...would love to sit on the porch and watch him...

  2. for me, owls are mystical creatures. a tender story and a wonderful memory. thank you for sharing.


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