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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Women Really Want

Every individual has his own needs. What one woman wants may not be the same as what another wants. However I’ll share with you some snippets from a woman’s life. I’m sure that many of us, women have had similar experiences.

1. Latha works in a private firm. After nine long hours of grueling work, she reaches home tired and exhausted. When she rings the bell, all that she wants is to go and sit down and relax for ten minutes.
But the door swings open and Latha’s husband enters and says, “I need tea. Make some snacks too.”
Latha wishes that her husband understood her a little more. A hot cup of tea, made with love from her husband on such days –how wonderful that would be!

2. Time: 9:00 pm. Latha prepares dinner and keeps everything ready on the table. Her husband takes his food and sits in front of the television. He starts eating and comments thus, “Yuck! Is this fish curry? No salt, no gravy. You’ve no cooking sense. I miss my Mom’s cooking.”
And then he comes over to have one more helping of the ‘yucky’ fish curry, [Ha!]

Latha says to herself: Please appreciate what I do. And why do you compare my cooking to your mother’s? No two people cook the same way. Also I wish you could spend quality time with me rather than with the television.

3. It is the first day of the month. But as it is also the last day of the week Latha is completely worn out by the end of the day. She buys dinner from outside and when she reaches home her husband’s reaction is: “Why did you buy food from outside? You could have prepared something. What other work do you have here?” He then angrily [or egoistically] continues, “Well, it’s your money right? The financially independent woman! What arrogance, as if I need your money to live with!
After half an hour or so, he comes near her in a better mood, and asks calmly, “Did you get your salary?” [He, he]
Latha reflects: Why can’t he take me out for dinner? How I love such surprises! The household affairs runs smoothly only because we both have incomes; then why is it so difficult for him to accept my financial status?

4. Finally, today is Latha’s birthday. She decides to buy a sari for herself because she knows too well that her husband won’t.

Latha thinks I don’t need any expensive jewelry or clothing. Small gifts such as a simple card or a flower or even a bar of chocolate, a kind look, an affectionate gesture- how much such little things mean to me! Of course, he doesn’t care.

Dear readers, these snippets are only some versions of the drama that unfolds in a woman’s life. If you, dear reader are a man I hope you now understand what the woman in your life needs, and please take the initiative to do some of these things that Latha dreams of. Just watch out for that glow on her face.

[This post is written in response to blogadda weekly contest with Pringoo]



  1. Dear Susan,

    Somehow, I could very well relate the points!!
    Seems, you would get similar responses from other / similar household too!!

    All the Best!

  2. time
    care it.

    great post.

  3. Ariel, this is the story in almost most of the homes...the woman should multitask but cannot talk her thoughts out...isn't this cruel...when he wants her salary, why cant he give her the freedom to buy food from outside ???

    Is a little warmth and care and love too much to ask for ????

    Good post...All the best for the contest.

  4. Lata's story is that of many women in real life I guess. And yes, the wants of women differ. They are not one and the same.

    Good luck with the competition. :)

  5. Thank you all for you valuable comments.
    Uma:- Yes, I think we women have to struggle so much even for the basic things.
    Shail:- I mainly wrote from the emotional side of what women need.


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