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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Mermaid Dream

                                   [Photo: My finger painting:)]
The waves rolled calmly
Lulling the sea animals into a deep slumber.
As the little fishes slept among the corals
They heard her singing softly.
The murmuring of the mermaid
Soothed them in their dreams. 
Was she beside them?
Or was she nearly a figment of their imagination?
As every night the angels of the seabed 
Drifted away to sleep,
They came under her spell.
A flash of black hair,
Luscious like the waves.
A dazzle of bright colors,
Vibrant as the faraway rainbow.
A soft sigh, and the swish of a tail
She thus floated in and out of their dreams
As they smiled and slept on
Waiting for that first ray of light
To fall on them from above.  

[Have you ever seen a fish smile? Do you think they can? Perhaps the song of a mermaid can put a smile on their face:)]

For: One Single Impression - 'Dreams'

Love Always


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This is beautiful... I am already seeing a fish smile..

  3. Loved the finger painting and it goes perfectly with your lovely little poem!
    So enjoyed this, Susan.

  4. I am sure the mermaid's song will put that smile on the face of a fish. Nice.

  5. Ditto on everyone elses comments. The finger painting is gorgeous. The prose was picture filled.
    A gentle, lovely read.

  6. Re: Your comment... You wish some day you could write like this 'are' already writing like this :)
    You creative prose is beautiful, so please, don't put yourself down.

  7. Gorgeous piece, I also love the accompanying finger painting, you have much talent!

  8. Hello Susan
    Just came by to wish you a wonderful rest of the summer.
    I'll be on break till October.
    Be well, be happy!

    Margie :)

  9. This sure makes you feel the fish indeed smile as the mermaid sings. :)


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