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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craft - Cotton Ball Bunnies

My son and his friends did these cute little cotton ball bunnies. I drew and cut the shape of the bunny and the two ears on construction paper. The children painted the shapes with the color of their choice.When it was dry they pasted the ears and drew the eyes, nose and mouth. Lastly, they glued the cotton balls on their bunnies. Aren't they cute?

Thank you



  1. They are very cute, indeed they are!

    Wishing you a wonderful evening, Susan.

  2. What a cute and easy idea for kids. I will keep this in mind when my kids need a craft over Easter break.

    I told my daughter about your index card doodling that you create and she likes the idea. My one goal was to do one project with each kid for some one on one time and she was the only one who couldn't think of something. So I just bought us some today so we can get started. Will let you know how we do. Today I posted about some art I've been doing, well more really about the colors I'm enjoying now.

    Have a good day.

  3. Thank you Margie. I hope you have a great week.

    Dear Dawn
    I'm happy to know that you've decided to try the ICADS. I found it very helpful. You can experiment different techniques in less time and using less supplies.

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  5. What cute little bunnies, would make a lovely easter craft.


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