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Monday, February 13, 2012

Collage in Black-1 Diva for IA

Five days of playing with Art is indeed a challenge for me. Setting up time to do this is what is actually challenging. With a five year old who wants to do all the artsy stuff that his mama does and a busy, adventurous 11 month old who is always on the look out for trouble keep me super busy all day. I usually sit with my creative muse early in the mornings or late in the night.

Due to time constraints I decided to use a small Strathmore Visual Journal to create the 5 days' pages.
For Day-1,  I did this collage.  The 'beaded' line states,"Black is here to stay."

Whenever I do Art Journalling I start off with a vague idea in my mind. But quite often the result will be nothing close to what I had planned. The same has happened on this page too. Nonetheless I am happy with the result.
I'm also linking this page to this week's IA theme-Diva

See you tomorrow with a new page.
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  1. GORGEOUS black and white piece, Ariel!

  2. Love the black & White it's alway so bold just like a Dive...awesome artwork!

  3. I love the graphic black and white of this mod diva!

  4. I love the feel you have evoked from this page. Lovely black and white entry that makes such a bold statement.

  5. You rocked this first b/w page of yours. TOTALLY LOVE LOVE THIS!! Great job adding all the detail and stamps to it, looks like a cover for a magazine!!!

  6. Lovely, love the black and white, so neat! <3

  7. I love the retro look - sooo sixties!

  8. Thanks Yvonne

    Thank you Grannie Annie

    Thank you Magpie, appreciate it.

    Thank you Bluebeard and Elizabeth

    Thank you Dawn. I used rub-ons from my stash for the background and the lady, and stitched the lettered beads.

    Thank you Anne

    Thank you Hettiene and great theme.

  9. I am always a fan of black and white, but I never have enough restraint.
    Beautifully done! ♥♥♥


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