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Friday, February 10, 2012

Art Journal-6 and On Having Fun With Black

Created this page using oil pastels, watercolors and cardstock.

I think the color black has become so much a part of my Art Journal pages this year. I've used it in so many pages and most of the time it was not a deliberate choice.

Now I want to see how many more ways I can use it in my Art Journal. I'm going to experiment and do 5 pages with black as the main color in them.
If anyone wants to try this out with me, you're welcome. Do share your lovely art works by leaving a link to your blog page on my comment section. I would love to see how you'll play with this powerful color.

 It can be used as a background, as a border, black can be the central element of your work, you can combine it with other colors- the ideas are infinite.
Only one rule- The color Black should be used in your creations.

Five days, five different pages in black. 

I'll be creating and posting each page from Monday the 13th of Feb till the 17th.
Want to join and have some fun? I would love to see your work too.

Thanks in advance


  1. Love your graphic approach in this spread!! I linked to it thr the Art Journal Everday project. I have such a hard time with black myself.

  2. Beautiful pages--love the oil pastels on the black. Hmm, I might have to give black a try on a page!

  3. Love the color blocks with the silhouettes!

  4. Thank you Linda

    Thank you Michelle. Do try with black, am sure you are going to love it.

    Thank you Rita

    Thank you Carolyn

  5. Hello Ariel,

    LOVE THIS IDEA!! These pages came out so cool and fun, love all the color and action your got going on them. I did play along this week to and made different projects with black. Will share them when I learn how to upload pics on my new computer. I had fun reading all your black pages this week, got all caught up and can leave comments again, soooo happy it's working.
    I hope you do more projects with black or if you have another idea share it and I will follow along with you. So do you have a fave from this week out of your pages. It's to hard for me to choose? Great job keeping up on it daily, I know that can be hard.
    Will chat again soon and will try to do a post on my blog soon also.


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