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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Texture-Inspiration Avenue

This week's Art journalling is filled with so many layers of paint and patterns. Last Sunday night, I was playing around with tissue papers and different kinds of paint mediums. I  loved making my art, my hands and the table messy. This was the result:

The pages below were done directly on the journal. It's richly textured with paints, pens and stamps. I wish I knew how to use my camera well as the real page is so rich and beautiful than what is shown here.

Will post more pictures on these two layouts along with the journaling on Friday.


  1. Ariel,
    I love your pages. I like the dimensional effect on the first one with the feathers, nice touch. The second one is cool too, but the third is my favorite. I love love art journals! Your pictures by the way captured the richness and the colors well, although I know what you mean, nothing compares to seeing them in person!

    Stay inspired!
    Kim (from IA)

  2. Hi Susan,

    So glad I came by and got to see these, they are GORGEOUS!! I love the first one for all the colors together and feathers. How did you make the swirly circles?? Did you paint them that perfectly?? The second one is so cool, I can see the textures for sure. You seem to have more patience with your pages and designing them then I do, good for you. The last one is deep and rich and gorgeous. I always love your pages and how creative they are every week.

    I just came by to thank you for your nice comment on my blog, so glad you liked my pictures. This is hands down my favorite thing in the whole world!! I think you would love it and you would have a great way to record all the cute little things your kids do and how fast they grow up. I can chat more with you about it if you need, just email me and let me know. This is my fourth year doing it and I love it more now then I did the first year. This is a easier way then scrapbooking also.

    I just posted on my blog, my new color crazy that's making me HAPPPPPY HAPPPPPY right now. I made these in between the times I was doing your "work with black week" so it was a fun camparison of the two. Hope you like it!

  3. Thank you Kim.

    Thank you Dawn for looking in detail. I'm on my way to see your post.

  4. Your pages are so rich in texture and color. I love the way you have turned them into patterns!

  5. Really cool journal pages, they look like paintings! Very rich in texture, great job! :)

  6. I can tell there are lots and lots of layers in these pages, especially the first one with the feathers. Lovely work.

  7. wow these pages are loaded with texture!The second & thrid pages are my favorite! great work!! and thanks so very much for stopping by my blog too! :D

  8. All are your pages are lovely! I especially like the middle one with all the texture and detail!


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