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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Flower

Last week we made this pretty Valentine heart flower.

To make this you need:

Paper plate
Red Construction paper
ordinary paper, paint, glue and a photo
a piece of ribbon to hang the flower.

Paint the inside of the paper plate with any color that you like.
Cut out little hearts from the construction paper. If your child is good with scissors he can try this.
Next, do some free painting on a piece of paper.After it gets dry, trace your little one's hand prints on it, cut them and glue them on the inside of the paper plate.

Then, glue the little hearts on the outer rim of the plate, in the shape of petals. If the number of petals are more the flower looks more pretty.

                                     This one is his friend's.

 Glue a photo in the middle. Finally, tape a piece of ribbon and there now, you can hang it. [If you have magnets you can glue them and stick it too]

Thank you for visiting. Do leave a comment if you like this and try it. I would love to see your little one's craft too.



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