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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Art Journal-9

I created this collage page with more of the painted tissues. The flowers and the strip of papers are all out of tissues painted using water colour, acrylic and glitter. The flowers are glued to a background wash done using water color pencil and some circle stamping done with a drinking straw-:)



  1. Susan this is awesome, really inspiring!! Love love it all.

    Didn't know you could paint on tissue paper, would think it would tear apart. Love that you cut it out and made flowers, they are soooo pretty, great job on them. It's great you used strips to make a collage next to it, LOVE THAT!!
    This made me happy!!

    I have a question on the writing of your journals. Do you have a hard time thinking of what to write? Do you try to plan ahead that you will have enough room for the writing?

    This is my issue with writing in my art journal, some days I don't feel like writing and others I have so little to say it leaves wide gaps in between the days. I'm thinking that I just like the artsy side of it. Since my Project Life covers most of my weekly writing I have nothing else left to say in my journals. Just curious how it is for you.

    Oh and the little doodles are cute around the border!!

    What do you think if we worked with the color green for the week of St. Patricks Day? We could start on that day or do it the week leading up to it? Would you like to do that?
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I forgot to say I like the orange background and cute circles from the straw, how creative you are!

  3. WOW, what an awesome project!

  4. i'm drooling in ur creation .missing the days we work together...u did'nt show us ur hidden treaure with us i got a chance to see ....


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