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Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Journal-10

This  was one lousy week for us. The children were sick, long and tiring days, sleepless nights ugh! I wasn't in the mood to do anything creative till yesterday (except for my Watercolor workshop lessons, that's one awesome class). Thankfully, life is back to normal now.

 I skipped couple of days in my Art Journal but finally came up with this page. Thought that I would have to miss this week but Hurrah! I could make it.

This page was done in watercolor (my current favorite) and  also became a background for experimenting with my new letter and tag stamps.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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  1. Hi Susan, so sorry you had a bad week. Being sick is no fun esp. with kids. Hope your all feeling good and can enjoy the weekend.

    I love all the blue on your page and the text background. Love Love that tag stamp, I need one of those!! That's a great way to add your journaling everyday, how fun!!

    I have a new heart post on my blog hope you can see it soon. Will be updating it later.
    I sent you an email about using green let me know what you think.

    Always happy when I see your pages, thanks for sharing them.


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