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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Queue Challenge Day-2

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes for my little one. He's much better now but is always glued to me-:)

Anyways, for today I'm posting one of my long time unfinished idea.

 I'm from India and  am so proud of my country's diverse culture and traditions. Be it language, religion, cuisine, or even art, each state has its own unique identity.

I've always wanted to blog about the different art forms of different states. But due to lack of extensive research and of course postponing this in my mind, it has always remained to be a part of my many 'to do ideas'.

The one below is a kind of Madhubani style of painting that I created.

 Madhubani paintings are from Mithila region, Bihar, a state in the eastern part of India. This art is mainly done by the women of the region to decorate their home especially, during festivals and weddings. The themes center around gods and goddesses, the sun, trees and leaves, fish and flowers. Traditionally, they're drawn on handmade paper with natural colors extracted from plants. Bright colors are used and twigs and cotton are used as brushes.

I've not adhered to the traditional Madhubani rules here but I wanted to try this lovely art form in my sketchbook. It took some time for me to finish all the tiny details on this page but I enjoyed it so much that I'm sure I'm going to try more of this art. 

Tammy, thanks again for this challenge, that I finally took up this project.

If you're interested to know more about this art you can go here or here



  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I know next to nothing about Indian art, except that it obviously is diverse and has long traditions. We're such a young country, and especially for those of us that are two or three generations removed from their 'old' country, that it's hard sometimes to put things in a similar "traditional" frame of mind. 'Traditional' American is not the same as 'Traditinal' Indian (or most other places'). And although I'm glad I don't have to paint with cotton and twigs, it is wonderful to realize how we have always created beauty in our homes with what we have.
    I love how much you were able to put into one page without it seeming fussy at all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your piece is absolutely beautiful Ariel! Congratulations on finishing it and thank you for sharing the history of this lovely art form with us.

  3. This tree is just beautiful! The detail work is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ariel...thisis simply stunning! The detail is breathtaking and allows so much of the history you wrote about to shine through! Thank you for being proud of your heritage and for sharing your beautiful art!

  5. WOW Susan, this is amazing and beautiful!!! All the details you put in look stunning and your story does show up in this drawing. I love the story and the idea of what they used for their drawings, how neat history can be. This is my new favorite of yours and will probably stay this way. There so much to see and love that I can't pick a favorite, just love it all. I love that the sun rays look like ric rack, so cool.
    You should be sooooo proud of yourself for this, maybe even frame it to remind you of your heritage. So what did you use to draw/paint/marker/ on this??

    So glad your little one is better, makes life easier when they are healthy and happy. My youngest daughter never left my side either, she was my little shadow.
    Thanks for your comments on my PL photos, it was fun to add all the color.

  6. Thank you everyone for appreciating this old art from India.
    Dawn, you guessed right, I used markers for it. So much for modern supplies-:)

  7. I came to see your SOC post and then I found this Indian Art pictures. I am impressed! They are beautiful!


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