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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mail- Inspiration Avenue

A quick sketch for this week's challenge.



  1. Oh WOW!! I still have some of those 5 cent stamps and a couple of the dollar ones, too. What an awesome piece of art, with a double meaning, too, since, if I recall correctly, the painting is one from the Decorative Arts Society. I love it.

  2. I love those stamps and love your painting of it... we have such boring stamps in Australia but this is a great page...xx

  3. Thank you so much for you lovely submission to my mail art challenge. I love the idea of drawing stamps! What a terrific idea. I'm adding it to my todo list of things to draw. (it's getting longer and longer, I'm gonna have to live to 120 to do it all!)
    I am enamored with the teapot, terrific drawing/painting.
    Jenn of
    (IA member)

    (Oh, did you know that blogger changed it's kind of word verification it uses, making it notoriously hard to get right? You may get less comments as people get frustrated, just like WE do who use blogger! Why would they change it? Strange. Just thought you'd want to know!)

  4. I've collected stamps for years and, of course, have this beauty in my collection. You did a wonderful job reproducing it!

  5. i too am a stamp lover & this is a terrific piece for the IA challenge! lovely work! :)

  6. Thank you everyone for appreciating my sketch.

  7. Thank you Jenn for coming up with a great challenge. I did this kind of sketching for the first time and felt that this was a great way to journal too. Those postage stamps were part of an important document. I recorded that on this page and now it's there for ever. I'll be doing more of this kind of journaling for sure.
    Do you know anything that I can do to make my blog work better? Please let me know.

  8. Hi Susan,
    Yep, totally. It's an easy fix. Ok, first, when you have your blog open just click on the dashboard link up in the right hand side at the very top of this blog. When that opens look to your left, see the tabs that say "postings", "comments", "settings", "design" etc.? click on the "settings one. Now, right under the "settings" tab are other choices... "Basic", "formatting", "publishing", "comments", "Archiving", etc... Click on "comments". Scroll down to "comment Moderation" and pick "never" (that;s what I do, since I don't get spam or nasty comments and I don't want to have to approve EVERY comment, I'm afraid I'd miss one and hurt some commenter's feelings, lol), then go to the next thing that says "show word verification for comments" and choose "no". Now, scroll down to the end of the page and click "save settings". You're done! Easy Peasy, sweetie! Have a great upcoming weekend, Susan!
    Jenn of

  9. Hi Susan,
    I love this drawing, how pretty it is and you did a great job on it. Love this stamp image also.

    I got your comment on my blog, thank you. Ok for the 19th then for green, hope I can get some ideas.

    That's cool your bday is the month before mine. I have 3 bdays in July for us so it's a fun month. My hubby's bday is the day after mine and that makes it fun for us both.
    Hope you've enjoyed your Sunday. We had beautiful summer weather. I took pics all day and going to post them.
    Have a fun week!

  10. What a cool stamp and your drawing of it is great. This is a totally cool entry!


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