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Monday, April 2, 2012

Creativity Queue Challenge Day-5

Hello everyone, Ok I just coudn't be here for Day-4. Weekends tend to be really hectic with the family.

But for today, the change that you see on my header is the challenge that I took up. This is something that I always wanted to do. I'm not proficient  with the computer. To give birth to my blog, and to update it has been a great challenge for me earlier. But I love to see this as a record of my creativity and also to interact with like-minded people. 

Yesterday night, I finally got to sit around and google a way to make my own header. I still would like to make some changes to it but at the moment my computer is acting a little unfriendly to me-:( 

I labelled each posts (on the right side of the page) too. But still am unable to connect each Tabs to the relevant posts. Can anyone help me with that, please?  When you click on the tab no posts will come under it but my Label links work.

Anyways, I'm so happy about my header, filled with the different art mediums that I've done and am currently doing.


Thank you for visiting



  1. I have no advice to give you because I am having similar new blogger issues. Mine is I can't seem to put a badge on my blog. I did one and now I can't figure out how to do another. And then there's the whole size thing. Ah well. I consider this all part of the Great Creativity Queue, reminding myself that it is all part of the process of Creating Great Art (or minor art). So in light of that, you are making great progress and good for you! Give yourself a sticker.

  2. Love the new header!!I'm in about the same boat...Working my way through blogger a piece at a time.. What I can share....When you figure out how to do something write it down!! You will want to do it again and will not remember how! Lizziebo the badge device is under the gadget widget... It's the add HTML for the tabs..Let me think a bit.. because...yeah I didn't write it down!!! Arrgg love your post Ariel and your labels!! Looks great!

  3. Your header is lovely and such a wonderful showcase of all your work! The font you used for your name is so cute. What caught my eye as your page loaded was the blue flowers on white background in the center of the top row - stunning!

  4. I'm excited about your header and really hope I can do this on mine also. Wish I could help you more but don't know how. Great job on all the mix of everything in your header, looks AMAZING, COLORFUL AND FUN!! Love the way you did your name, so cool!! Keep up the good work!!

    Thanks for the comments this morning, you should draw my tulip it would make my day! We had a wonderful Sunday and celebrating our anniversary with the kids this year. Some years we do soemthing for us but this year we wanted the kids with us. Just wish it could have been warmer out.
    Hope your having a good week.


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