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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Creativity Queue Challenge Day-6

Today's challenge is one that I had to update. This year, I made a book for my 5 year old to keep all his art work and writings together.I'd tons of his drawings from last year, all lying here and there. So I made a book with notepapers and cardstock. Every week or so I'd planned to update this book but of course most of the time I was not able to keep up with it.
Once again Thank you so much for this challenge Tammy, that I made it a point to update last month's pictures to the book.

I love to see him painting. Sometimes we sit together and do art and this book is where I want to keep all those memories and drawings together.

Thank you for reading


  1. that book is going to be treasured for years! looks like you've got plenty of room to keep adding more pages. great idea!

    1. Thank you rushmore. Yes, I purposefully used the large size binding rings so that I can add on and on.

  2. Hi Ariel, Jusst wanted to thankyou for the Congats over at Elvis's. I am so excited to get something that she make herself.
    You art here is great. So nice to be able to pass that on to our kids.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Susan, what a great idea for his art, love it!! My kids art is all tucked away in storage bins right now, maybe one day I will take them out and make books with them. Just another reason why it's so great your starting things early with your kids.

    Tell him how great he did on these pages, they are all so different. The last one and the house are my favorite but really like that he did a windmill with a fence there. So creative and talented just like his mom! Keep up this good idea, it will be treasured forever.

    1. Thank you Dawn for checking in.He loves to draw and paint.That windmill was a picture on his doodle cover. Even I was surprised to see him drawing that. But his alltime favs are cars, buses and trucks.


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