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Friday, April 13, 2012

Stay Focused...

This week I managed to keep a balance on everything that I did. Each day, instead of dabbling in many things I focused on what I enjoyed doing the most.

Do you try to stick to a single craft? I find it very difficult to do so. Oneday my mood is to paint, the next day it'll be to make some jewelry. Sometimes there are days when I don't feel like creating and some other days I'm just happy to be with my books.

So this week, each day I just focused on whatever I felt like doing and enjoyed the process. The results of course made me smile-:) 

Here is this week's journal page:  I think Spring is still continuing to be my inspiration :-)

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Love it! I am with you-it's so hard to stay focused on just one artistic endeavor. It's so great to have a place like Art Journal Every Day to somewhat pull in the reins!

    1. Thank you for visitng Linda. Yes, Atleast I'm regular with my Art Journal pages due to Julie's Art Journal Every Day.

  2. Happy Friday Susan!! Sounds like you had a great week, good for you!! I feel the same way some days, too many ideas but try to just enjoy one at a time and the process!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PAGES!! The colors are so soft and pretty, fitting for our spring weather. Can you tell me the process for the left side and what you used. I really like these colors together, might need to use them!

    Wish we lived closer so I could show you my actual PL album, you would love it and like I always tell you it would be great while your kids are so young and keep changing. I really wish this had been around when mine were little. It would be a great thing for your family to enjoy!! Have you been to Becky Higgins blog, she is the one who created it, so happy she did??!!!
    Enjoy your weekend. I've been busy with kids home so only a little creative time for me. They go back on Monday though so I will start up again.

  3. Thank you dear Dawn. I've used turquoise, magenta and lemon green on the left.
    Yes, I've seen Becky Higgins' blog and wish we lived close then we could have had craft time together-:)


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