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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Second Floor Challenge-2

For the second, Second Floor Challenge, I have combined my art works with scrap booking. If you want to know more about the challenge go here:

Scrap booking has been a new found love for me.  I love to record and treasure my  loved ones'  special moments. But till now, I've been creating layouts using  pattern paper and all the other embellishments that came along with it. I've even made pages using scrap booking kits. I liked the pages but still I felt that they lacked something, that the pages were not entirely mine.

So this time I decided to make the pages more personal.For this, I  selected some of my own art that has been stored in my drawer since last August and started adding them as embellishments.Maybe I can make my pages look more stunning with store bought ephemera but the memories that come to me when I go through these pages now are invaluable and more satisfying than that.


The red border of this page has been painted and cut out from this Index card on which I had doodled last year.
Only after I cut the card I remembered to take a picture-:)

Other materials used:
punched butterflies
card stock
rub-on lettering


The above layout was created from this watercolor pencil sketch that I'd done a long time ago.
Other materials:
Rub-on lettering
One chipboard [which I'm not very happy with]
A background wash with neo-color-ii
Things that I learned from creating these layouts:
1. This is a great way to use my loose sheets of paintings and sketches-:)
2. It takes more time to plan a page as you do almost everything from scratch-:(
3. It's far less expensive than the kits with which you do scrap booking-:)
4. It's a more personal, meaningful and  satisfying experience-:) 
  I know I'm going to do more pages in this way.

Thank you for being here


  1. love how you incorporated your watercolor sketch. Thanks for playing along with me and Julie in our Second Floor Challenge :) Nat

  2. I love this idea and that's why I add my own personal touches to my project life now. Wow, forgot about those awesome index cards you made, that's how I found your blog. How cool that you cut them and used them, perfect!!

    Really love that you added your watercolor art to the second page, makes it that much sweeter.

    Now when your boys are older and looking back at these they will have a part of you to treasure also.

    Way to go on them both Susan, really enjoyed them.

  3. Nice job, Susan! I love that you used your doodling & your scrapbook pages are very creative. I guess I'm more of a traditional scrapper, but I also do mixed media & art journals. For my 2nd floor challenge, I did a wonderful scrapbook page using Graphic 45 papers. They are beautiful, but challenging to work with because the patterns are so busy. Hugs!

  4. Great inspiration! Your pages are beautiful, i love how you used watercolor!! And coloring your doodlings in red is such a great idea too!!Thanks for sharing, take care.


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