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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Floral Inspiration

Last year I had signed up for Alisa Burke's Watercolor Bliss. That class has encouraged me so much to look around the everyday objects in my life for inspiration. This watercolor paintings were inspired by the online class I mentioned above and also by the beautiful floral prints that I saw on my bedsheet. 

These paintings took me only one hour to complete. For all the three I have used basically the same three colors, except for the blue on the last one. I didn't want to keep any leftovers-:)

Thank you


  1. Susan these are beatufiful!! WOW you did a great job on all 3 of them, way to go on doing all 3 in an hour. The colors and details are just right, I think the second one is my favorite but really each one is beatufiul. How much time did you allow to dry before turning the page to start the next one?

    I have thought about my drawing my bed quilt but just haven't yet, seeing yours is inspiring me to go do it today though!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Susan, these are so beautiful and colorful!!!!!! I love them.


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