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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Summer List

Last week I saw the 'Summer Manifesto' post on Ali Edward's blog and got all inspired to create my own Summer List.
I love making lists- to do lists, shopping lists, book lists... At the end of each month, I flip through my daily journal and list down all that I had done on that month. I feel happy to see the amount of things I have achieved, feel more confident about myself and promise myself to do even better the next month. 
These lists make my days look more meaningful,and I feel grateful to know how well I have utilized my time each day.

       Here goes my Summer List

1. Drink lots and lots of water. Make sure that the kids drink plenty too.
2. Eat more fruits.
3. Let the kids be out everyday at least for an hour.
4. Plan a family outing every weekend. (So far the last two weekends had been good- a trip to the beach and to the aquarium. The kids had so much fun)
5. Enroll my 5 year old with the Library's Summer Reading Program. (Last year we read tons of books and the little prizes that they offer are a sure incentive for him)
6. Enroll him for the second swimming session at the Y. My eldest has always been scared of water but last month he surprised us by saying that he was ready to take swimming lessons. He is taking his first session of classes now and eagerly waits for Saturdays. I am so thankful that he loves it now.
7. Read at least a book a week.(This was part of my New Year List but couldn't keep up with it the last couple months.
8.  Take photos daily and find time to document them.
9. Laugh more and take things as they come. (Life can be very unpredictable)  
10. Be more kind and patient with everyone even when the heat is too much for you to handle.(I tend to  flare up when the temperature rises:-)  



  1. Susan, I am so like you when it comes to my passion for lists. Generally I follow them half through, the wore being the shopping list. Always end up getting half of what I need and half of what I do not needs. As for your oldest, I hope to be as brave as him and face my fears too :)

  2. Susan, I love love your lists, will be posting mine soon also. Such great ideas you have and HOORAY FOR YOUR SON AND SWIMMING!! I'm not a big fan of water and maybe one day I will take lessons too or just teach myself. We also do the summer library reading program, LOVE LOVE this idea and it's so fun for the kids. I need to read more books also. Way to go on adding drinking water to your list, very important in this hot weather, we all need to remember that one. I like that you put to take more pictures and write about them, you know that's what I'm all about.
    Good luck on your list and I hope you keep us posted on them thru the summer.
    Enjoy your weekend.


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