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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home is...

This week's page has one more of my handmade stamp prints- the little houses. I used the houses as collage elements here.

Anytime, given a choice between home and travel, I will always choose home.Well, I love travelling but once I start on to my destination  I get homesick. Last weekend we were out of town and the same feeling overtook me.
For me, Home is love, peace,security, laughter, tears and above all Togetherness.
Have a great weekend everyone


  1. SUSAN, you know I love this one it has HOUSES!!! My very favorite thing to draw!! I love love this page and how cool that you made stamps for them. I love the meaning of this page, same goes for me. Being home is my favorite place and after being gone 1 or 2 days my heart just wants to be home again. Great job doodling also!!!

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  3. Susan, this is so pretty. I love how you gave a meaning, a purpose to each house on the painting. I believe all these things encompass one's home.


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