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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Found Objects...

I love the challenge Julie and Nathalie have posted for the current Second Floor Challenge.Found objects are so much part of my creative process. So that way it didn't seem to be a challenge for me. But as I create, my constant struggle is in achieving the right balance. Another challenge in doing this particular page was in trying to use a limited amount of materials.
Once again I don't think I was successful in gaining the right balance(I still feel the page is incomplete) but  am happy that I was able to create with few objects.

The background has been done using my son's blocks-:) and the 'chevron' kind of pattern is from the sole of a sandal(howz that, hehe). Then I used  masking tape with 'wheel marks' on a magazine paper scrap and finally splattered paint on the page with a toothbrush.

I enjoyed creating this page so much. Sometimes challenges encourage me to create new art pages and now, let me go and console someone here who is not very happy to see his blocks stained with paint.
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  1. Susan, this looks so cohesive. I find really hard to work that freely, with found objects. Even when I paint my items have to be perfectly organized...

  2. Susan, this is so fun and freeing!! Good for you doing this challenge and finding random things to use. I love all the dots and the markings from the sandel. How creative with the tape and toothbrush also. You made me smile again just seeing this!! So glad your having fun with art and trying new things!!

  3. AMAZING- and I love the pattern- you rocked the found object challenge for sure! Thanks for joining Julie and me :)

  4. waaaayyy too cool, SusaN!!. I LOVE the tractor tracks, the lego & flip flop stamps. You just make me smile. Hugs.


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