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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project Life Week-3 & 4

Yayyy! I completed my PL for the month of June. When I started this project last month, I was not sure whether I could do it every week. But I did complete all four weeks, andthe best part is I immensely enjoyed the entire process. Even my dear hubby (who is not very active with my creative life) enjoyed going through them. Already the pictures and the journaling do bring in a lot of memories and happiness to us. Thank you dear Dawn, again for your encouragement and invaluable suggestions.
I have decided to continue with the PL. But I might not be posting them every week on my blog. As in everyone's life, memories include not only of our family but also of friends, relations, neighbours and so on. I feel it is important to respect other's privacy, so I have decided to limit my posts on PL here. But I definitely want to update my progress here every month, atleast with one of the week's pictures.

So here you go. The 3rd and 4th weeks of June.


On the left are pictures of my son's swimming sessions at the Y, my little one's first experiment with paints and 'A' passing the second test of Karate and receiving the certificate from his teacher. I did some of the journaling on white paper strips.

On the right are pictures from our visit to the park with friends. 'A' on the monkey bars, both of them having fun playing in the sand and my little son trying to climb up the slide.


Week 4 don't have that many pictures of the family. I have mainly chosen to include photos of my art of the whole month.

 I have started early morning walks with friends from June. The first one was clicked from one of my walks. My 5year old
 has good balance in riding his big bike without the training wheels and the next one is my favorite where both of them are sitting in front of the AC to get some relief from the extreme heat-:) The middle row is filled with my art pics.

On the right, the first picture is a reminder of how much we enjoy fruits now, my water color sketch of a Swallow and the last two of the various books I and my son took for the month of June. [Do you see the 'Artist's Journal Workshop' book below/ It is a great one for Art Journalers.]In the middle row, one page from my diary, pieces of jewelry that I had made and the last two from my art journal.
 Thank you for taking the time to go through this post.


  1. Dear Susan,
    I'm so happy and proud of you, what an awesome job you've done this month. All those memories you have now, those little ones we forgot about but now you have them all right here to look back on !!
    That's great you included your art work, love love seeing those!! Even the pile of books you both are reading is a good one, see you are a whiz at PL already.
    So glad I inspired you to start this project, knew you would love and could do it. The pages are beautiful this week with your background papers.
    I understand about not posting but don't let that make you fall behind. Just by posting mine each week is what keeps me motivated to keep going. Would love to see a update each month, so fun to how your doing on it. Keep up the good work Susan, so happy for you!!

  2. Thank you so much Dawn. What you say is true. If we blog about the PL pages we are motivated to do it regularly.Hope I will be able to continue it.


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