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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trust your Dreams...

"Trust the dreams for hidden in them is the gate to eternity."- Kahlil Gibran

Do you ever feel that your heart is full of creative ideas but you don't have enough time to go after them? Currently, I'm going through such a phase. My mind is soaring with many ideas but I'm unable to find time to sit and create, sigh!

Yet, by the end of each day, I feel thankful for whatever little I was able to do. My hopes of finding enough time to sit with art will eventually come. But my little ones' growing years are flitting by quickly. I will never be able to experience their present state again. Childhood is a precious gift that needs to be cherished.

This little birdie was done using watercolor pencils and pitt pen.

For now, I'm letting most of my dreams and ideas to be submerged within my heart. But I will always try to keep that spark alive in me. My little space here and the dear friends with whom I share my art with are a great motivation for me to keep myself going...


  1. What a cute little birdie, love the colors. You did a great job on him and the branch. Just LOVE LOVE seeing what you create each week Susan, always makes me smile.

    Yes, enjoy those little ones while you can and still keep a little "ME" time carved in there. I think it's great and important for you to do this, will make you a happier mom, wife and person. One day they will be gone and you can paint from dawn to dusk, lol

    Thank you for always encouraging my art also dear friend. HUGS!

  2. Susan, just keeping pouring out your creative juices and make us all a little happier too. The bird is looking beautiful.


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