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Friday, August 3, 2012

Cherish the little things we have now

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." - Robert Brault

Many of my friends are making plans for their future. They are trying to build a career and thereby to attain more financial security. I too had a career once but when I had my first child I turned to be a full time mother. Four years later, as I had my second son, I felt that it was only fair to give him the same time and attention as I did for my eldest.

At times I miss my career world of the past, especially the financial independence  but as I watch the different stages of my kids' growing years, their laughter, tantrums, hugs and kisses  I realize that though they all seem to be the usual, 'not so big things' that happen in all families, I cherish  and savor each milestone that both my children have achieved so far. If I had opted for a career I would have missed the growing stages in their lives. Of course, this is just my personal choice but i have never regretted even for a minute in putting my kids above my career.

Ingredients for this Art Journal page:

* Layers of acrylic paint
* gesso
* punchinella
* yarn
* tissue
* washi tape
* masking tape
* burlap thread
* tons of love     

Thank you and have a pleasant weekend everyone


  1. What a great journal page! Love the quote with your dimensional flowers!!

  2. Susan, this page is stunning, the colors, the balance, the flowers. So so amazing. Thank you for sharing a bit of the process as well.

  3. Susan, this is sooooo beautiful, made me tear up just reading it. I love the way you do flowers, so creative and gorgeous each time. Would love to sit with you one day and watch you make flowers. LOVE LOVE ALL THE LAYERS AND COLORS YOU USED!! This is a yummy page for sure! So creative you were with your supplies, that is so great Susan.
    I loved what you wrote about being with your kids, that's how I feel too. They really do grow up soooo fast. Enjoy these ages while you can.
    Thanks so much for all the comments on my blog, glad your enjoying my art too. How is your Project Life going?? Hope it's easy still to keep up on. Take care and cool weather wishes for both of us. HUGS!!

  4. Beautiful page. I really enjoyed your post, as I can completely relate!! Keep up the gorgeous work! :)


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