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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Sense of Gratitude

It has been a year since I've ventured into the art of creativity. Art and crafting are not new to me, it has always been there with me since I had been in school. But for the last many years I'd kept it aside due to other responsibilities. It was in last July-August, while browsing the internet, that I accidentally found Art Journalling. I stumbled upon the art of many artists who boldly expressed their works here, who never feared to experiment, who thrived on the process rather than on perfection in their art.Their works inspired me so much that I started to play with paint again.

 Last November, I took part in Julie Balzer's  online class, '30 Days in your Art Journal' and then I've never looked back.

Today I'm a much happier person who has put most of my spare time to good use, who makes it a point to allot time for myself, to do what I love (I think that's very important for every individual).
For this week's art journaling I've experimented on a canvas. I did it on the theme of 'being thankful' for all that I've  achieved this year: for my wonderful children, my family and all the big and small things with which I've been blessed.
For me this quote by Rudyard Kipling, "Delight in the little things" is so meaningful. Life is so transient that we need to savor everything that life throws onto us. Don't wait for something big to happen to put that smile on your face. Everyday there are infinite reasons for us to be happy.
On the right, on top of a fall leaf(Autumn is my favorite season),  I've pasted a beautiful poem on thankfulness, "Thank God for Little Things", by the well known American poet, Helen Steiner Rice. If you are interested in reading it this is the link to it:

A big Thank you to all my dear readers who have been following my posts and inspiring me with your own works and kind words.
Hugs to all the kindred spirits out there



  1. I love using canvas panels to create pices on. In fact, I did that myself this week.

  2. Hi Susan,

    WOW, this is gorgeous!! I'm so thrilled that you did a canvas, what a great job in the layers and colors. There is a lot of YUMMINESS on this, LOVE IT!! So happy that you make time for art in your life, so much talent you have and should be shared with others and for yourself. The title and quote are perfect for this canvas. You have grown soooo much since I've met, looking forward to another year of seeing what you create and spreading your wings. Fall is my favorite season also, just created a little something myself to remind me that it's coming soon. The cooler temps this week have been so nice, finally playing outside without being sticky and sweaty!!
    How cool that we both have been doing this almost to the year and we both took Julie's class. I bet we met there at some point then lost track till earlier this year, HOW AWESOME FOR US!! So thankful for all your inspiration and encouragement Susan, it's great to be friends with you.
    p.s. my PL post is up and I might do a special post tomorrow too. Enjoy the weekend! HUGS!

  3. Little things seem to make all the difference in the world.

  4. Love that you journaled this quote. Art journaling is so fascinating to me. All your creations look great!

  5. beautiful canvas!. Love the layers, and the gratitude poem. Yup, I could see the cute doily in the background :). Your scribbles are so gorgeous. I need to practise my hand writing LOL. Is that a real wire for birdcage, maybe?. Pretty texture :). Hugs.

  6. what a gorgeous canvas Susan!! Your post is so lovely too. I am grateful to have found you and your blog thru Julie's Art Journal Everyday.


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