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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Daily Sketching Journal

Inspired by Alisa Burke's post, I too have started a daily sketching journal from last Friday.

Alisa's creations and her blog are so motivating as she is an artist who goes for the not so expensive artistic supplies and creates awesome paintings and crafts from them. I have also joined for her new online class Ode to Nature.

 I'm not going to worry here about perfection or the supplies that I use. Each day I'm going to enjoy the time that I spend on painting and hope to slowly improve my sketching skills.
I am open to suggestions and advice from my dear readers. I have always loved painting but it was only recently that I found the courage to paint more and post them on my blog.Please do leave your thoughts here. I would love to hear from you all.



  1. Susan, I really enjoy Alisa Burke's blog and your sketch book is looking great.Great start. I have a sketch journal as well. I do everything with it: watercolors, acrylic, it is really great.

  2. I'm so happy your making more time for your art and sketching. I think you are so talented and draw very well and have a good eye for color. Those flowers in the thrird one came out wonderful, still trying to make those myself. The last one is so fun, the details of each one and colors too, you have patience my friend. Of course the sunflower and butterfly are amazing, always good to draw those ones.

    I am hoping to take her nature class in the future, looks like fun and I love the way she creates. My suggestions as what to draw is anything that you see that day that inspires you, your kids, looking out the window, the books you read and they read, things in your house, just about anything would be great for you. Have fun with it and looking forward to see what's next.

    p.s. my procdure went well, going to rest and read my new book today. Glad to just have it done and no worries now. HUGS!

  3. As a fellow companion on the Ode to Nature course, I am delighted to find you! Your sketchbook is already filling up with lovely shapes and colours - I like your bright and quirky teacups especially! I am very new to all this and just begun a sketchbook too. :) Looking forward to more!

  4. I'm also in Alissa's class. I love your purple flowers and especially the stacked cups!!


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