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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Project Life-July

Finally, I completed the PL pages of July. Here are some of them.

 The pictures of the 9th of July. The roses that my hubby gifted me, the cake my friend baked and a picture of my little one.

The third week doesn't have many pictures. My elder one had a minor head injury and was taken to the ER.  We are so thankful that  it was nothing serious.

A painting that I did, below is the snap of a beautiful flower from the neighborhood and the last one is where Ashish is all set to go to the doctor to take off his staples.

  The 4th week is mainly about the kids having fun at a nearby park , an unexpected storm and a couple of pictures taken at the Y.
The last Sunday of July we made a trip to Chuck-e- Cheese with friends.

I am so thankful that I could finish one more month's PL. Now all ready to catch up with this month's pictures and stories.


  1. Hi Susan,
    I was so excited to see your PL post today, HOORAY!!! I'm soooo proud of you for taking the camera to the doctors or if this from your phone, THAT'S AWESOME, THIS IS WHAT'S ALL ABOUT!! I love that your in the pictures this time too, way to go. How fun to visit Chuckie Cheese, my kids love that place.

    LOVE LOVE seeing this Susan, good job at keeping up and still doing your art. The papers for this week are pretty, love the circle ones.

    Thanks for all your sweet comments on my posts, makes me happy when you visit. I think everyone in the USA needs a cool down and the sooner the better, lol
    It really was fun to do this with my mom, we don't do much together so it was special for all of us.
    Take care and keep those creative juices going!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. So glad to see more people getting into PL. Hope your boy is okay. Great job getting another month done!


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