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Monday, October 1, 2012


Welcome October!

This is the calendar page that I created for October.

When my son's school started sending a number of event schedules and notes, I came up with this fun idea to make a calendar sheet for every month. Now I can mark all his class events and school meetings on this sheet.

This is taped on my kitchen wall.
I got so carried away in making this, that on the other side of the sheet I partially finished the November spread too:)

Thank you


  1. Can you believe it?!! Time is not passing, it is flying.

  2. What a cute idea this is, great job on the leaves. I actually in the beginnings of my scrapbooking journey made a calender album for two years. I LOOOVED it and have been thinking of doing something along those lines again. Just like your page here and in the little squares would be our plans and in the empty squares would be little pictures of the things we did that month. I would use the square puncher and punch out just their little faces or toys or clothes and such. This was one of my favorite albums that I made.

    So glad you always find a way to include art in your life. Happy October,YIKES!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog regarding Renee's dress. It really is WOW and kinda over the top but really wasn't a lot to choose from for her size and money. Be lucky you only have boys, soooo much easier to just buy a suit.

  4. I love your calendar leaves. I haven't been able to admit to it being October already! Your circles and texture designs below are GORGEOUS too! Thank you so much for visiting... Kath


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