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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Project Life

More pictures from my PL album. These are some of the things that we did late August, early September and Ashish starting Kindergarten.
On the 29th of August, we celebrated Onam, a regional festival of India.
 On top is the photo of the traditional lunch/dinner that we have on that day (Actually it's a festival that lasts for 10 days). It is known as Sadya and we serve it on banana leaves. It's a vegetarian meal and mainly consist of rice and so many curries:) We wore our traditional attire on that day.

 On the first week of September we visited the new Dinosaur Park. My elder one loves dinosaurs and he had so much fun seeing the thirty or more life size dinosaurs at the park.  
Ashish's first day to school. This is his first experience in being at a full time school. Thankfully he loves it and every morning  gets ready to go without making any fuss.

We've now settled to the new routine of Ashish being in school and Mama and Sid at home.

Thank you for going through my PL pictures.


  1. Susan, this is so great! Your kids are so adorable!!!!

  2. Hi Susan, soooo happyt to see more PL pages. You are doing such a great job with them and keeping up so well. Great colors and cute little stickers and words you've added in. I like the story of your holiday, great picture of all of you. How sweet that you have your son's first day of school captured now to treasure. I'm so happy your doing this project with me. Keep up the good work.

    p.s. your boys are adorable!!


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