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Monday, January 7, 2013

Being accountable for each day

2013 has started off  with new promises to myself, and also with new hopes and dreams. I've decided that this year, I will remain accountable for each day; how I spend my time, how much quality time I spend with my loved ones, how much time I plan to give for art and so on. Life is so unpredictable that I have decided not to waste whatever precious time that has been  gifted to me.
I made a list about how to utilize time well and have chosen to tackle the first and foremost issue: the time I spend in front of my Computer.

In order to limit my time in front of it the first thing I've done is that I've moved my computer from my table [it's our dining table only, where I sit and do art or help my son with his writing or craft] and have kept it on a smaller table. Now it's very uncomfortable to sit in front of it :)

I've also started keeping a time limit for checking blogs, facebook and so on [15 minutes in the morning, only 5 minutes for FB...]

Previously the first thing I used to do after making my morning coffee was to sit in front of this machine. Now I've made a conscious  effort to go near it only after I finish my journal writing and sketching.

So far I can see that I'm getting more time to finish my 'to do lists' and am happy with it.

Do you have any other suggestions in limiting computer time and making more time for yourself and your loved ones?

The whimsical tree above and the Indian elephant here were painted using Koi watercolors.

Thank you for reading


  1. These are beautiful Susan, how fun is that elephant. Great job on all the details and colors.

    That's great your spending time doing what really matters and brings more joy to you. GOOD JOB!!

    I need to stay off computer too, surfing is my favorite thing to do. Thanks for reminding me that I should watch my time too.

    Will miss seeing you though when you don't stop by, understand it but will miss seeing you!

  2. We need to Susan. To take ownership of our days, to make sure we don't take them for granted.


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