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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life Nov-Dec 2012

I got way behind in finishing my PL photos. Somehow I managed to finish them last week. Here are some of the pages of November and December.

The above pages are about how we spend the days during Sandy. We'd no power for one week but somehow the children enjoyed playing in the dark and with candle wax. 

The following week we went to India for a month long vacation.

These are the pictures taken during the Christmas hols. The children busy playing, my art and the last one is a card with my older son's drawing in it. The school took prints and gave them to us. Except for this one, all the rest were used up with the christmas gifts that we gave to our friends.
I love this double page. I used only photos from our christmas celebration  for the entire sheet. I think this is one of my favorite pages in this album.

We got some good snow immediately after Christmas. The flu too visited us. Both the children were sick throughout the holidays.

For the last six months I've been doing the PL album. Though it's so much of work, I love this idea of taking the prints and documenting them. If you've been following my PL pictures, you must have noticed that it mainly concentrates on my children and their little world. Already I feel so happy to go through the initial months of this album. I can see how much my little ones have grown and can also remember the story behind each photos.Thank you Dawn, for encouraging me to start this.

Though I say this is PL, I have bought only the page protectors from Becky Higgins. The rest is all what I do with left over card stock, paints and so on.

Even for 2013 I'm planning to use the same album. I have not much space to keep all my art stuff, journals and albums. So I've decided to do this years PL in the same album.

Will post the Jan pictures, maybe in the beginning of Feb. I'm trying to take things easy as, if things get really hectic, they won't be fun anymore.

Sorry for the long post. I don't usually go in for such detail but just felt like sharing my PL ideas here.

Thanks for all your support


  1. oh Susan, look at your precious boys. They are solo cute.

  2. Susan, I'm sooooo happy to see your PL pages!! How awesome they look and will be loved forever in your family. The Christmas one is my fave too, so happy they all look and pretty! Great job catching up on these and doing it again for this year. I like that you wrote on your photos, great use of the white space and you even write on the pattern paper too.

    I'm so glad you started this PL and that you enjoy it, having these memories to look back on always makes me happy. Thank you for being inspired by mine to start your own, seriously LOVE LOVE reading them.

    I agree too that your boys are so CUTE!!
    Just posted my week 4, yippee!
    Have a good week and stay healthy!

  3. I like your scrapbooks..I tend to do mini books now as they are easier for my sons to hold..its great looking back at them especially when they are turning into teenagers as their appeareance dramaticially changes in a year! Thanks for your lovely comment on my paintings


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