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Sunday, January 27, 2013

ATC'S - Inspiration Avenue

I'm new to the idea of creating ATC'S or Artist's Trading Cards. So when this theme came up I thought I'll give it a try. I'd so much fun creating these little cards. It took only 15-20 minutes per card for me. I think more time was spent on what story or idea  I wanted to convey through my little piece of art.I wanted to create three but could do only these two.

Have you all started creating for the tag swap?This is my first tag swap and I'm so excited to be a part of it.


  1. I love the butterflies on your page Susan. So sparkly and pretty!

  2. Beautiful! I love the layering, and the quotes are so true!

  3. Love your ATCs--nice style & layering! I love creating these addictive pieces of art!

  4. I love the work of Matisse and the quote is one I'm not familiar with. It goes so well with your ATC.

  5. WOW Susan, your on a roll with your art lately! How awesome these are, so pretty. The layers are great and the quote is one I've always enjoyed. How fun these must be for you to create with, hope you will do more!!

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely words.


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