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Monday, January 21, 2013


I've never felt that I'm good at sketching. The truth is that I never had the confidence to try. But last year after being part of the blogging world, where you are encouraged to do what you love, I have realized that it is totally okay to be imperfect, [it's fine if you don't get the lines straight, what matters is that you start doing what you  love to do]. So thus I encouraged myself to start taking water color classes and now, I am trying to create a habit to practice sketching whenever I can.

This year I am reminding myself to have the Courage to simply enjoy the practice of painting and sketching.

I've not decided on taking any new painting classes in 2013. Do you have any suggestions?   
Thank you


  1. Susan, these are so sweet, LOVE THEM!! I think you draw VERY WELL!! Great job on the colors and details of these both! So glad you share your art with us and inspire me all the time!!

    Not sure about the painting classes, I think your doing pretty good with painting already. Just keep doing something creative everyday.

  2. Susan these little guys are so cute!!!!


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