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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fall, Fearless and Fly Challenge-8

The last challenge for the Fall Fearless and Fly challenge was posted last week.

Headline prompt:  Radical to Mundane and to Radical Again:  What once seemed new that now feels old and boring?  How can you see it as new again?  How do you "jump charge" creativity when you're feeling stuck?
Color:  black & neons - bold contrasts
Quote:  Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.  Bill Moyers
I used the color and quote prompts. This is how I did my page, in pictures:

 I used stencils and acrylics to create the background.
 Next, I outlined it with white pen
 I felt I had to add  something more. So I cut the circle pattern, part of a blind drawing that I did last year, and pasted on the page.
 Finally, I  digitally added the quote on the page.

This week I didn't use my good old journal instead, used a 7" by 5" black album sheet.
Also linking this page to Art Journal Everyday.



  1. Love your work, Ariel!.. and that penguin, in a previous post, is the sweetest! I am subscribing via email!... Nice to meet you via Fall Fearless and Fly! Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  2. WOW WOW WOW!! I love this sooooo much, how creative and colorful and pretty!! Great job on the stencils and the white pen, amazing what the two together can do with art.

    Really like that you put your old art ontop of this new one, it was just what the page needed for that extra POP! Great quote this is too.


  3. I like the contrast between the black and white piece and the neon colours fitting in with the quote.

  4. Love all the layering and those lotuses -- they pierce the mundane - the mud - to find the magical sunlight. I love your take on the Fall Fearless & Fly challenge. It’s been so great having you participate. Stay tuned for more inspiring stuff coming your way at Artists in Blogland!!


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