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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Last weekend I and my six year old sat down to make Valentine cards for his friends and teachers. We made 20 cards. [Wanted to post the card pictures but I just couldn't get hold of my hubby's phone.This camera issue is getting resolved soon. I'm getting a new one as a Valentine gift from him, not anything expensive but something that can help me in taking decent pictures.]

Anyways, allthatcreating didn't diminish our creative spirits. We also did some fun watercolor painting on textbook pages. I loved what he came up with.
This is his first time drawing an eagle and I am impressed.
Love the details of his house
 I had some fun with the lettering here.
This drawing of mine inspired my son to draw the eagle. 

Thank you

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  1. Hi Susan,
    HOORAY for getting a new camera, that will be so nice for you right now.

    LOVE LOVE these paitnings you and your son did. How talented he is, the eagle is awesome. I'm so glad he enjoys doing this with you.

    Have a geat weekend and Happy Valentines to you!!


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