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Monday, February 11, 2013

My Daily Journal

Today I wanted to share my new Daily Journal here. This is an ordinary less than a dollar Composition book that had a complete makeover. I mainly bought this book because I love its graph printed pages.
I bound it with one of my Art Journal pages from last year and glued every two pages together with a glue stick.

 I started writing in this book from December. So for January I started off with a planner in between the pages. I liked that idea plus adding in a watercolor card that I did last year.

On this page I have tried one of the stencils and do you see that heart doily? I journalled on that and will definitely be doing it again.

  Some more stencil trials.
 A cool experiment that I did with watercolor, salt, stencils and a butterfly stamp. Loved the texture of this page. I hate wasting paint or any art stuff. So this is what I do, all the left over paints are used here to add that color and cheer to  my daily writing.
I also try my stencils in this book. This is the page in which I journalled today.

Hope you liked my 2013 journal. Anyone who wants to start an Art Journal, but hesitates due to the innumerable lists of products in the market, the high price you have to pay,... let me assure you- You can create one with a composition book, some student grade paints and stamps or stencils that you can find in your house. Just let your imagination soar and have the courage to experiment, that is all/   
I am also linking this page to Show and Tell Saturday.

Thank you for all your encouragement


  1. Hi Susan,
    WOW WOW WOW, I LOOOOOVE this so much!! I'm amazed at how great you keep up on your daily journal. That is so awesome Susan. That heart doiley is so pretty and the stencils are all fun and look great on your pages. I love the salt trick, gorgous colors for it.
    You are so right about it not costing anything, just a few simple supplies and your imagination. Love how beautiful your pages are Susan, lovely handwriting too.
    Keep it up and keep sharing these inspire me!!

  2. Love that you turned a composition notebook into art. Loving all the colors but especially all that journaling!


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