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Friday, April 26, 2013

Art for me is like Breathing

Do you remember this Gelli plate background?

Well, I finally did a collage on it.    
The quote is so real in my life: "Art for me is like breathing".  I do not know the source of this very meaningful line but for me everyday I need some kind of art, be it playing with paint, sketching, crafting with kids something or the other. Each day I feel so content when I'm able to spend some amount of time in creative play.

This is another yummy background that I created this week. Lot of texture and paint. The page once completed reminded me of a textured wall that existed a long, long time ago.

A close-up of both the sides:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

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  1. What gorgeous pages you've made Susan! Love the rich colors of them both. Great job on the flowers and bird, you did amazing on them both.

    How fun to have a new background to play on, maybe a spring page??

    I love that you create a little each day even with the little ones around. That is inspiring and GREAT!!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Beautiful journal pages, Susan. Art is like breathing for me, too! :)

    And what AMAZING texture in your other pages! Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  3. "Art for me is like breathing" is a fabulous quote. I love the journal pages, the rose look three dimensional! Your new textured pages are wonderful to look at already...

  4. Really love your pages and the dimension you have achieved.
    Happy PPF

  5. Beautiful pages. I love the texture and color of the background you created this week. It's gorgeous.

  6. love all those textures in both sets of pages. Love all the shapes hiding in the textured one.

  7. thanks for the closeups because that texture is simply amazing... and the collage page turned out so well... xx

  8. Wonderful work! Those colours and texture are to die for!

  9. That's a beautiful journalpage and such a true quote! The texture on the other background is simply amazing!

  10. such fantastic pages Susan-your textured "walls" are awesome!!! They look like they are ready to be matted and hung as is-great art!

  11. Susan, I like how you finished up the gelli plate pages. Very nice. However, I REALLY like those textured pages with all the wonderful colors. And incidentally, I think your quote is so true. I try to do something arty, however small, each day. I can hold my breath only so long. LOL!

  12. the second back ground is amazing. all that texture is beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous layers and textures you achieved , all very beautiful!
    Luv your quote.
    For me, creating art, studying it ,observing our natural world and keeping some of nature's souvenirs keeps me grounded and clarifies what's real and most important on this earthly planet. Walks are perfect journeys for discovering those souvenirs.
    I actually found more of my spiral crystal fossil rocks the other day while on my walk with Grace in the maple orchard - a new place I wasn't aware of.

  14. Spectacular texture...great quote and pages too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. I totally love that texture¨! Awesome!

  16. I really like the two spreads that you created. I love that red bird on the yellow and green background. And your textured pages are really interesting, too. I just did some very textured pages, too, and I was curious as to what you are going to put over them. Mine are so textured, that I am not sure what to do over top. Great job on both.


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