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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Sketches

I did one more coptic stitch book. This was made out of Strathmore drawing paper. I have made this as my daily nature sketchbook and last week started sketching in them.
Here are the sketches I did from last Tuesday. Most of the sketches were not completed on the same day. It is impossible for me to work like that with my kids and the chores that I've to finish here.I come back to them whenever I can and try to finish them.
 By the time I started outlining the feathers my black pens seemed to have stopped working.
These Magnolias were inspired from a Pinterest tutorial. 

Not happy with the barn painting. Practice, practice and more practice.

This is another sketch that I saw on Pinterest.

 I hope I can at least sketch 3 to 5 days in the coming weeks.
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  1. These are gorgeous! I love the magnolias and bluebirds, just beautiful. The colors are great!

  2. Lovely Love the bluebirds and the feathers.

  3. your magnolias are just gorgeous and I love the end result here... really lovely balance... i used to draw and paint them a lot for Botanical art as they are one of my favourite blooms... but lots of great work here even though they are my favourite... xx

  4. How fun to have a nature book, LOVE THIS!! The barn is my favorite with all the others especially the last one coming in as second. I love barns and am starting to practice those now too. I like the background of trees in your picture, beautiful! Great job on all of them, they look awesome!

    It's so great to see how committed you are to making time for art with little ones around. Be happy and proud of all you do my friend, I know it's hard. Keep painting and sharing, these make my day!
    Have a good week!

  5. wonderful artwork! love the line work in the magnolias! We should be seeing some of those blooms here soon!

  6. Oh Susan these birds are beautiful!!! So that you know, on Facebook I create a category named acquaintance. The ones I mark as acquaintance can see very little on my page. That way I don't create drama with deleting family but also don't allow them to be picking too much into my life. They can only see very stupid things on my feed. No photos. You have to remember to mark them though!

  7. the flowers are so pretty, and your other art is really great too!


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